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Introducing our Artistic Automatic Folding Umbrella featuring the iconic Ha'Penny Bridge design, a symbol of heritage and charm in Dublin, Ireland. Embrace the essence of Dublin with our exclusive Ha'Penny Bridge umbrella, infusing your rainy day attire with Irish beauty and history. Crafted with premium materials and automatic unfolding technology, it seamlessly merges style and functionality, ideal for staying chic and protected in all weather conditions.

Product Features

- Art Meets Fashion: Elevate your style with our exclusive umbrella featuring a Ha'Penny Bridge design, seamlessly blending artistry with fashion. Embrace Ireland's charm rain or shine.


- Premium Quality: Crafted with care in Ireland, our umbrella is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and eco-friendliness. 


- Spacious and Functional: With a generous canopy and sturdy construction, our umbrella combines style with practicality. Whether shielding you from rain or sun, it offers ample coverage and reliable protection.


- Umbrella Cover: Our umbrella comes with a matching cover adorned with the same Ha'Penny Bridge design, offering both practicality and style. This thoughtfully designed cover not only protects your umbrella but also adds an elegant touch to your rainy day essentials.



Embrace Ireland's charm with our exclusive Ha'Penny Bridge umbrella. Let the iconic city view of Dublin and heritage bridge enhance your rainy day style with a touch of Irish beauty.

Artistic Automatic Umbrella | All-Weather Travel Companion | Ha' Penny Bridge

SKU: CT20230078
Sales Tax Included |
Expected to in-stock at the end of July
  • Size: 55 cm*8 ribs

    Coverage: 55 cm (radius); 95 cm (arc-diam)

    Closed length: 29 cm

    Weight: 390g

    Open/close system: Automatic

    Button system: Auto-open & auto-close

    Frame: 8-rib frame system

    UPF: 50+ protection

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